Representation in Court and Arbitration, Mediation

AzMeta provides legal representation and advocacy services before regional, administrative-economic, appellate court instances as well as the Supreme Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Representation at a commercial arbiration and mediation services are also provided.


Contracts law is currently the most practiced area at AzMeta. The firm offers invaluable experience in negotiating, drafting and administering various contracts in services, trade, rent, financing, procurement, joint venture, joing financing, leasing, project management, labour, agency, construction, real estate and other areas.

Corporate Governance

Consulting in corporate governance issues is one of the major practice areas of the Firm. Role and significance of corporate governance could not be underestimated in the modern legal and economic regulatory framework of corporate sector. Among others, corporate governance is especially essential as a tool for enhancing corporate sosial responsibility.

Labour Law

AzMeta has sound expertise in labour law matters and labour disputes settlement, both in court and through pre-court settlement mechanisms.

Administrative Law

This is an important part of work at AzMeta. Within this pratice the Firm has been assisting various groups of people as well as organizations to file various claims, pretentions and organize the procedural work through approproate administrative instances.

Environmental Law

Environmental Law is regarded as a prospective area to be crucial for the society in the nearest future in Azerbaijan. Therefore, AzMeta prioritizes this area as one of its important directions to work in. Environment case practice is limited in Azerbaijan, mostly because of poor awareness and application of legal regulatory standards.

Elections Law

AzMeta has been proving legal assistance and advice to several candidates at the national parliament elections as well as at the municipal elections. The Firm has experience in coordinating the work among candidate, the central and local election commissions as well as electorate and providing necessary legal support.


AzMeta provides tax advices and broad guidance services on Azerbaijani tax legislation.

Civil and Commercial Law

The Firm also provides full legal assistance and guidance through wider scope of civil and commercial law issues.